Stainless Steel Bolts

Big bolt nut manufactures bigger diameter bolts & nuts in stainless steel grades in A4-70, A4-80, B8, B8M Class 1 and class 2, SS316S31, A4-70L and A4-80L as per ISO 3506-1 . These bolts & nuts are widely used in areas where there is high risk of rusting due to application or in areas near to sea shore. Stainless steel bolts or INOX bolts are rust free and depending upon the grade they provide the required protection from extreme climatic conditions. These are also used Widely in all other kind of sectors namely, heavy engineering, Valves and pump Industry, Desalination projects, Pumping stations, Mega reservoirs, Bridges and road constructions, cross country pipe lines, flange joints and other critical applications. We are the pioneers in manufacturing stainless steel bolts & nuts for the water sector India, middle east, Europe and USA. These bolts & nuts are manufactured only by hot forging process and we have the complete list of machines in our factory to manufacture these bolts & nuts.

These bolts are forged on heavy upsetting machines and are then machined on latest CNC machines in our factory.

These Stainless steel bolts in bigger diameters are 100% thread rolled using imported thread rolling machines from ORT Italy and HMT Praga in India. We are the only company in India which does thread rolling on stainless steel bolts from M-20 diameter to M-52 diameter.

Stainless Steel Bolt Grades

Stainless steel hex bolts or screws are offered in A4-70, A4-80, B8, B8M Class 1 and class 2, and in SS316S31 grades. We also offer these grades in 316 and 316L grade. The difference between 316 and 316L is simply the limit of carbon content to 0.03% maximum in 316L grade, whereas in 316 grade it is limited to 0.08%.

Stainless Steel Bolts characteristics:

Stainless steel bolts provide a strong and a longer life where specific requirement of rust prevention is predominant. Predominantly stainless steel bolts are used in areas where there is a high risk of corrosion, this can be in TSE networks, affluent treatment plants, water pipe lines, pumping stations or in mega reservoirs. Stainless steel bolts provide high resistance to corrosion and normal wear and tear over the years.


Stainless steel bolts are generally available in bright self finish. Stainless steel bolts are polished or ground after forging and other activities to provide them with a bright finish. Sometimes customers require stainless steel bolts to be Xylan coated to provide an added layer on top of the surface bright finish.


Stainless steel bolts are used in underwater projects where there is direct contact with sea water, in drainage systems, affluent treatment plants, TSE networks, Pumping stations, desalination plants and various other sectors as.


We manufacture stainless steel Bolts in bigger diameters from M-20 to M-64 in diameter in class 316 namely, A4-70, A4-80, B8, B8M Class 1 and class 2. Finished material stocks are readily available and we are manufacturing bolts diameter from M-20 to M-64 diameter, Manufacturing process of stainless steel bolts is very similar to carbon steel or high tensile bolts as only heat treatment process is replaced by carbide solution treatment