Duplex Steel Bolting

We are the biggest producers for bigger diameter bolts and nuts in India, as our name suggests we are manufacturing big bolts and nuts in Duplex steel grades in the under mentioned table.

Standard / Material grade C MN P S Si CR MO AI V

We manufacture duplex steel bolts as per grade Alloy 2205, DUPLEX steel is a mix of Austenite and Ferratic steel microstructure, which is why they are also known as Duplex steel. They also have great resistance to corrosion and have higher strength as compared to stainless steel grades like 316 or 304.

Carbon steel grades of steel are generally used in manufacturing low carbon steel bolts and nuts mentioned above in the above standards, gradesupto 6.8 are in non heat treated condition whereas bolts from 8.8 and above are heat treated to provide them with extra strength. Sometimes steel additions like Chromium and molubednum are added in the steel to provide the correct stregnth required as per high tensile grades.

Duplex bolts, duplex steel bolts and nuts.