All incoming raw material is cross checked in an independent laboratory for their chemical analysis to accertain that the supplier has send us the right raw material. After confirmation of the same, the raw material is assigned a number and is taken on stock.

During inspection or dispatch on the behest of the customer we can also arrange for PMI (Possitive material identification) tests for the manufactured material.

We provide 100% tracebility on our products without any exception. At Bigboltnut you can demand any document related to the manufacturing history of the product even after 5 years of supplies. We have them on record !!.

Bigbolt nut also provides as a service to our customer possitive material identification for all finished and raw materials which are used in our factory, we also provide for Chemical testing and chemical analysis for bolts and nuts in an independent laboratory. All our raw materials are pre checked as soon as we get the raw material from the mill before it is incorporated in our manufacturing system. These raw materials are further given a raw material number and the complete manufacturing process or travelers carry this raw material number which is always mentioned on our job card.