Our most important work place is our factory, currently we have two manufacturing units near Delhi in Kundli Industrial area we believe in the japanese system of constant improvement and have hence forth made efforts to increase our production over the last few years.


UNIT Area Built up Workers Power connection Capacity

550 Square meters

14500 sq. feet 38 100 KW 40 tons a month

1300 Square meters

35000 sq. feet 88 250 KW 200 tons a month

We have two manufacturing facilities at the moment in Kundli Industrial area near New delhi with an installed capacity to manufacture 240 tons of bolts and nuts in stainless steel, alloy steel and carbon steel grades in a month.

We have a strong dedicated work force of over 120 people and they along with our managerial staff, quality control people and supervisors work round the clock to ensure that our customers get their products at the right time and at the right quality they require.

We have in house forging, machining, heat treatment, and all other facilities which are required to ensure that we do the job right and on time.

At Bigboltnut we do 100% process from raw material identification, to forging, machining, heat treatment, thread rolling, inspection and packing on our stainless steel ( SS ) , alloy steel and carbon steel hex bolts and nuts and screws. We have all the facility for Heat treatment on bolts, hex bolts, bolts manufacturer, bolts manufacturer all in our own factory in India. At present we have 2 manufacturing facilities in Kundli in Haryana in India where we employ over 100 people from production marketing and quality control who work 24 hours a day to ensure that the production is running as per customer satisfaction