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12 Jan 2021

You can now visit us at

We have created this website with all the information there is about us and the work we do,


You can find every detail mentioned in it, it has more than 350 pages and one can browse anything and everything in it

21 May 2020

After taking permission from the government we are open again with 50% capacity, following all the safety protocols and making sure that our workers are safe by providing them shelter in our manufacturing unit and arranging food and essential items for them in this pandemic.

21 Feb 2019

Today we announce expansions worth $3 million in the next 3 years. Our owner Mrs. Seema Aggarwal is set to raise more than $2.2 million from her personal capital and rest through investors and banks.

The capacity expansion will be completed by January 2022 .Last year, we witnessed a growth of 70% and the same rate of growth will continue this year,” Mr. Aggarwal our M.D said.

He said the company will raise about ?20 crore to meet its capital investment plans and to invest in hiring more people, in distribution marketing and advertising.


22 Nov 2018

We are inaugurating our third unit in Barhi industrial area, 20 kms away from our other 2 units. It is our biggest manufacturing unit.

We have made arrangements for the workers to sleep in the unit with their families.

We can accommodate up to 50 workers in our unit to sleep and rest while off duty.


22 Nov 2018

We are installing a new sealed quench furnace, with in house capacity of 5 MT per day sealed quench heat treatment from DOWA Hi-Temp Japan, with 100% repeatability and accuracy of results charge wise.

We will control this furnace with SCADA with remote access and monitoring.

With a complete metallurgical laboratory working in background as a support system for the heat treatment. We offer more than 170 tons a month in production with heat treatment in sealed quench furnaces.

23 Nov 2017

In October 2017 we visited Siemens Gamesa in Chennai and had a meeting with their purchase managers and after 15 days we have now got their first order and we believe that more orders will come along with time.

Siemens is a fortune 500 company which tied up with Gamesa to supply in the wind energy sector.

We will supply nuts and bolts to Siemens for their wind energy projects.

27 Apr 2017

After exhibiting in countries like France, Oman, UAE, Germany etc we are now exhibiting for the first time in the USA in the renewable energy exhibition from 27th to 30th April at hall no. 2 stand number 1903-1904.

Our sales representatives will be present to help you and answer your queries if any.


14 Dec 2016

BigBolt Nut will be Exhibiting at the 7th International Exhibition for the Fastener & Fixing Industry. Visit Us at : Hall 1, Stand 910 from 28th - 30th March 2017 at MESSEE STUTTGART, GERMANY

26 May 2016

Big boltnut will be exhibiting for the Fastener and fixing industry. Visit us at Hall B stand 2201-2202 from 28th to 30th May 2016.

Also we will be exhibiting at the Fastener Fair in Mumbai at the same dates

This is our first exhibition ever in India and we are optimistic towards our approach to the domestic market.

Visit us at hall no. 2 stand 499.


21 Apr 2016

Big boltnut will be exhibiting at seventh international exhibition for the Fastener and fixing industry. Visit us at Hall number 1 stand 910 from 28th to 30th March 2016 at MESSEE Stuttgart, Germany.

Our sales will be present at all times to explain about products and our M.D will also be present.


22 Jul 2015

Chevron USA, Inc. provides energy services. The Company offers fuels, motor oil, fuel additives, base oils, chemicals, natural gas, lubricants, and other related services.

We are the only company pan asia to be approved by Chevron to supply fasteners to them.

Chevron is the 15th largest company in fortune 500 companies list and has a net revenue of more than $100 billion every year.

The amount of business which this company can do with us will take us to new heights and help us grow at great extents in the global export markets for nuts and bolts.


19 Jun 2015

Bigboltnut is proud to let our customers know that we have successfully manufactured and exported EN 14399-4 10.9 HV bolts in hot dip galvanised condition to various projects in Spain and United states of America. HV Bolts are manufactured as per 10.9 grade with complete in house manufacturing and quality control. We have in house forging, machining, thread rolling and all other set up required to make HV bolts from M-30 diameter to M-76 diameter.
We are also offering ISO threads with undersized threads on bolts for fitment along with nominal threads in HV 300.

17 Mar 2015

We are proud to announce that Bigboltnut is invited to speak in the Hannover trade fair attended by top German politicians and our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

It is an extreme honor and privilege for us to be present there and speak in front of such powerful people.

We at Bigboltnut believe in make in India and are great supporters of the movement initiated by our prime minister.

We are also setting up a stall in the same exhibition in hall 3 stall number 2011.


24 Sep 2014

Today our bid was accepted and our tender was passed from Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) making them our newest client.

After a long time we are working with a customer in India of such large scale and we believe this will help us to grow in domestic market also.


28 Aug 2014

Bigboltnut is awarded the award of excellence by the Indian Chamber of Commerce for our work and dedication to help in the foreign trade and increase exports in India.

The award was presented by Shri Roopen Roy, president of the chamber of commerce.

The president of India was the chief guest of this event and was presented in front of hundreds of people representing several companies


22 Jul 2014

Bigbolt is proud to announce jump of over 200% in sales for the year 2013-2014 over previous financial year 2012-2013. In the last 12 months we have added almost all major grades in stainless steel bolting for bolts and nuts. Some of the major grades added for stainless steel bolts are 304, 304L, 316, 316L and 316S31. We are also proud to announce the completion of our new ware house in our second manufacturing unit in kundli Industrial area where we have added over 30,000 sq feet of space for warehousing and storage.

Our new dedicated manufacturing capacity is now fully functional and we are currently producing over 120 tons of stainless steel boltings every month from SS 304 to SS 316 grade. With the help of sophisticated CNC machines and milling machines we have been able to achieve truly world class quality in manufacturing and have been able to achieve 100% consistant results in quality and delivery. On the brighter note our company has achieved another important milestone in exports, with happy customers in 65 countries we have touched each and every continent in the world today.
Our dedicated staff of over 150 employees work 24x7 to achieve your given targets and delivery schedules and work tirelessly to fulfil all delivery requirements.

25 Jul 2013

We are starting our tour of the United States as for a long time we wanted to work with the Americans,

This business tour is scheduled to meet new customers, understand business opportunities in the US and create our name and image in the American market


19 Apr 2012

Indian Embassy in Oman host us with a great evening followed by dinner with top diplomats and industrial experts of Oman and India,

This is a great opportunity for us to grow our business and meet new clients and connect to important, powerful people which will benefit us for smooth functioning and smooth business deals.

We were given the opportunity to speak about our business ideas, our strengths, capabilities and interact with diplomats and business experts and managers of big companies in Oman.

05 Apr 2012

Our next step regarding the middle eastern markets is to meet up potential customers and create a relation of buyer seller among us,

For this we again are setting up our stall at the Oman trade fair where our sales managers and M.D will be present from April 21st to 24th.

You can visit our stall at: stall number 2021-2022 hall C entry from gate 4

If you wish to speak with our M.D kindly make an appointment at

06 Oct 2011

We at Bigboltnut have opened vacancies to hire 15 employees in our finance and sales department

We are looking for assistants and sales executives, interested candidates can mail us at

07 Sep 2011

The Gulf countries basically consist of countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, U.A.E, Oman etc.

As massive billion dollar projects are being announced past 1 year in the gulf countries to develop their countries, we at bigboltnut are sure that entering the gulf markets right now is the perfect time and a world class opportunity to grow our name in the Middle East.

To enter the Middle Eastern market we will use the same approach of marketing and promotion techniques by attending exhibitions and hence we set our stall at the Qatar Exhibition for fasteners aiming to capture and connect with at least 25 new customers through this.

Visit our stall from 4th September till 7th September in hall a stall number 2037


05 May 2011

Our M.D represent us at a new platform in a new country. The French market is growing and it is the perfect time to enter and capture it. Hence our new target is to get customers from and around France and to sell our material in the French market.

We will be at the trade fair from 11th to 14th may in hall number 1 stall number 1004

If you wish to make an appointment with our M.D or sales team kindly mail below:


10 Mar 2011

Export house certificate or export status holders are Indian businesses that have excelled in international trade and made a significant contribution to the country’s foreign exchange earnings. Export house status is provided to all exporters of goods, services and technology, having an IE Code. Export house status recognition is based on the export performance of the company in each financial year (FOB / FOR value).

We are proudly recognized by the government of India for the same for our contribution to the Indian foreign trade.

Having a recognition like this definitely has boosted our morale and made now the next target is to be a 4 star Exporting House by 2025.


10 Jun 2010

Mr. Santosh Barik has been working with us now for the past 10 years and today on completion of his 10th year in our factory we are proud to announce him as our plant manager.

He is one of the first employees of our company and has given his upmost dedication to his work and responsibilities. He is capable, qualified, trained and nourished to handle pressure and stabilize problems and situations laid in front of him.

Mr. Santosh is now in charge of the complete manufacturing unit and has a team of 45 people working with and under him 

05 Nov 2009

With success in exhibitions we are creating a name for ourselves in the world, with other companies recognizing us as their competitors and buyers sending enquiries.

Our sales team is in contact with several genuine buyers and we are happy to announce that we have again added some of the biggest companies in india as our customers.

We believe exhibitions have played a major role in this and more importantly helped build our image and help us market our product at a global scale.


06 Feb 2009

We are not just a small company anymore!

We are proud to announce that our growth and expansion plans are working just the way we believed they would and now we have successfully inaugurated 12 new machines within one month.

We welcome Mr. Ganeshwar Swain as our new quality in charge.


08 Jan 2009

After adding so many new customers and getting great number of orders we are finally expanding our workforce, machinery, area and adding new members to quality team and testing department.

Not only new testing team but new testing equipment’s, latest thread rolling machines, CNC machines and forging presses.

We believe expansion is much required as the demand is peaking and we are manufacturing close to 120 tonnes a month.

We aim to add new machines and new managers by the end of this quarter.

You can now apply for jobs at

05 Mar 2008

Our sales team with our M.D and his wife are prepared to represent us once again at the trade fair.

You can visit our stall in hall no. 2 stall number 242 from March 22nd to March 24th

We believe this is a really good way to meet potential customers, industry experts, gather information about the industry, explore new products and even meet existing customers.


05 Dec 2007

After working for days and nights to complete the orders and targets we finally dispatched our last order on December 8

After seeing this hard work and positive attitude among the employees, our team decides to promote certain employees and give out incentives and gifts worth 5 lakhs.


11 Oct 2007

We bag our first order ever from the European countries, with our first order coming from a company we met in the exhibition, for us any order is big but this was special and a really big one too.

Our senior executives believe that exhibitions are a great way for promotion and marketing and hence are now looking at new exhibitions to participate in.


09 Mar 2007

We are all set to organize our first ever exhibition at the fastener fair with our stall in hall 5 stall no. 216. It is the first time our company would be displayed at any international platform and our senior managers believe this is an excellent opportunity to succeed and are also determined that exhibitions will help us grow our business.

Our M.D would be present on all days at the exhibition along with our sales team.

04 Jan 2007

Our sales team lays out plans and target market at the start of every financial year with targets in terms of revenue from the sales. For the year 2006-2007 we doubled our sales target by adding big customers and giving our best quality for them to buy back again from us.

According to our financial department our returns were almost double then the expected returns and 60% of our sales were exports.


07 Feb 2006

Bigboltnut adds another big company in its customer database as Aditya birla group purchases fasteners from us, it was the biggest order and biggest company as a customer at that time. Aditya birla group is one of the biggest companies in india and has a diversified approach to the industries, it has its roots in almost every industry


06 Oct 2005

Bigboltnut has its first big customer! After putting great efforts and numerous meetings and discussions with procurement managers, Bigboltnut finally provided a great number of bolts and nuts to southern wind farm ltd. It is a big contract for us, we need funds to keep running as the competitive market was making it difficult for everyone to survive. Southern wind farm came in as a savior to us by handing us big contracts and orders.


11 Dec 2003

Our owner sets up our second manufacturing unit in kundli industrial area. It is equipped with the latest and best in class machinery with a raw material storage area, cutting area and our forging presses. With the help of our first unit, our manufacturing was working 8-10 hours a day for 7 days a week and we needed more space to work, more space for machinery, more space to organize ourselves and hence we applied for a new plot in the same industrial area which luckily we were allotted and we established our second unit over there.


11 Jul 1989

Our owner sets up our first manufacturing unit in kundli industrial area. It is one of the first unit to be set up in the entire industrial area and with a small loan from bank she purchased a few machinery. It is established in 1000 sq meter area. Our owner Mrs. Seema Aggarwal and her husband Mr. Rajinder Kumar Aggarwal are engineers and were adamant to set up a manufacturing unit with the best machinery and skilled workforce.