Right from the start when we assign the raw material with a number after doing checks on them, we have strict control measures with the help of which we can trace the fastener back to the original heat number.

During inspection or dispatch on the behest of the customer we can also arrange for PMI ( Possitive material identification ) tests for the manufactured material.

We provide 100% tracebility on our products without any exception. At Bigboltnut you can demand any document related to the manufacturing history of the product even after 5 years of supplies. We have them on record !!.

Bigboltnut is able to provide all bolts and nuts with complete traceability of all our bolts, be it in carbon steel, alloy steel or stainless steel. All bolts and nuts when packed are bar coded with the relevant information and the same is kept with us on record for a period of 5 years in our factory. We enure 100% Bolt batch traceability with the help of a traceability report.