Reduced Shank Stud Bolt

Reduced shank stud bolts unlike Full threaded stud bolts are non headed bolts, these are in form of a rod and have threads at both ends with a reduced shank. These stud bolts are popularly used in the wind energy sector and special steels are used as per customer requirement to achieve the desired results. These are very critical bolts and are manufactured to precise tolerance as per customer requirements.

Reduced Shank Stud Bolt Grades

Reduced shank stud bolts are manufactured using special steels like 42CrMo4, 4340, 34CrNiMo6 grade.


We can offer surface finishing as per customer requirement in hot dip galvanising, we take special care to ensure there is no hydrogen embrittlement in 10.9 grade with our special curing system which ensures that 10.9 grade Stud bolts are not damaged by hydrogen embrittlement post galvanising process.

Special coatings in specific industries require zinc flake coatings , these coatings are done as per ISO 10683, depending upon customers requirement for salt spray life we offer coating systems from NOF Japan and Doerken from Germany, these coatings are provided with the help and support of our partners who have the required licence and have successfully done validations with our existing customers. Salt spray life can vary from 500 to 1500 hours.


Reduced shank stud bolts are generally used in Wind energy in blade fastening.


These stud bolts are first cut as per customer requirement and then the ends are chamfered to specs, We then do heat treatment on them in our factory using an advanced SQF sealed quench heat treatment furnace from DOWA Japan, the heat treatment furnace is SCADA controlled and provides 100% repeatability batch after batch. The heat treatment result is a perfect marten site after hardening and gives perfect results after tempering as per standard requirement. After heat treatment we do the machining on LMW make CNC machines and then complete the thread rolling on hardened components and then coating as per customer requirement and then final assembly and packing.