CNC Machining


The second step of manufacturing is always machining, we in our factory we do 100% on latest Japanese CNC machines which provide 100% accurate and repeated results in manufacturing.

Please see below the details of the CNC machines which are available in our factory.

Machine Details



Year of Make

Bolt diameter

Number of Machines

CNC turning center




M-12 to M-150


CNC turning center




M-12 to M-45


CNC turning center




M-12 to M-30


Over the last 3 years it has been our constant efforts to modernize our manufacturing unit, in the past we used to do machining on conventional lathe machines and had to rely on the expertise of our people to do machining on bolts and nuts, but due to increased demand over the last 3 years and the requirement of better accuracies and finish we have completely modernized our plant by adding sophisticated CNC machines to do machining on our bolts and nuts.

With the help of these advanced machines we are able to provide our customers with better accuracies and finish with the help of CNC machines. These also help us in providing and accomplishing difficult tasks at much easier pace and with repeated and consistent manufacturing. Our complete efforts are focused towards enhancing our abilities and also to modernize our plant and to provide better and accurate deliveries to our customers at all times.

After hot forging we do complete machining on all our bolts and nuts 100% on latest CNC Turing centers, we can provide accuracies up to 10 microns on our latest Turing centers with repeated results over a batch, we also follow drawings and are able to manufacture complicated parts and bolts and nuts from alloy steel, carbon steel and stainless steel raw materials on our latest Japanese CNC turning center, CNC machines, turning center, 8 turret turning center. We can also manufacture complicated parameters on all DIN and ISO drawings as per German or Japanese standards including ISO.