Wind Farms

HV Bolts & nuts for Wind energy & wind farms

The most popular and upcoming source of renewable energy source in the world today is generating power through wind energy, all over the world and in India numerous wind mills have been set up to generate this form of energy, we at Bigboltnut manufacture HV bolts used for the wind mills and are able to offer them in PLAIN / Hot dip galvanised / PTFE coatings

Grade Diameter Type Application area
EN 14399-4 10.9 HV M-27 to M-76 Alloy steel - HV 300 Wind mills, wind farms, blades for wind turbines
EN 14399-4 10.9 HV M-27 to M-76 Alloy steel - HV 300 Solar plants, Photovoltaic plants
SS 316 L / AISI 316 L 1/2" to 3" Ferratic steel high temprature piping, flange joints, rigs and offshore platforms
316S311 1/2" to 3" Ferratic steel For low temprature piping, flange joints and platforms

Bigboltnut manufactures world class HV 300 bolts for use in wind energy, these bolts are manufactured as per European and american standard in PLAIN, Black and hot dip galvanised finish, where ever applicable we can also provide these bolts in special coatings like PTFE, Geomet and Dacromet finish.
These HV bolts are as per 10.9 grade and are supplied with Grade 10 nuts and washers as per HV 300 used for the wind turbines

Bigboltnut manufactures HV bolts & nuts in 10.9 grade using high quality alloy and carbon steel material for wind farms and wind energy sector, our bolts and nuts are used extensively in the on shore and off shore areas in the wind energy sector in India, Europe and USA. Wind energy is the most popular form of renewable source of energy and does not pollute the environment like other sources do.