Solar Thermal Plants

Alloy, stainless and carbon steel bolts & nuts for Solar energy

There is a huge demand for energy being generated with sun which is solar energy, all over the world and in India people are using solar plants to generate electricity, bigboltnut manufactures bolts & nuts for the use in solar plants.

Grade Diameter Type Application area
EN 14399-4 10.9 HV M-27 to M-76 Alloy steel - HV 300 Solar plants, structures
SS 304 M-27 to M-76 Austenic steel Solar plants, structures
SS 316 L M-27 to M-76 Austenic steel Solar plants, structures

Stainless steel & HV bolts are used extensivel in the solar panels and solar industry. These bolts are most suitable for these panels and provide a long life to the equipment.

Stainless steel and alloy steel bolts and nuts are often used in solar industry, often they are used in plain condition but they are also used in various kind of finishing like, hot dip galvanised, PTFE and geomet.