"Kapil Enterprises takes pride in being the largest manufacturer for bigger diameter bolts in India. These headed bolts Anchor bolts, Arbour bolts, Carriage bolts, Elevator bolts, Hanger bolts, Round head bolts, Hex bolts, J bolts, and Lag bolts are hot forged bolts and are manufactured on vertical up setter machines. We can offer hex bolts and screws from M-16 diameter to M-72 diameter in metric threads and from 1"" diameter to 3"" diameter in American UNC threads. We manufacture different type of grade as per ISO 898-1:2013, in 8.8, 10.9, 12.9, A2-70, SS 316, SS 316L, SS316 S31, B7, L7, 8M, B8 etc. we offer bolts According to ISO 4014, ISO 4017, DIN 6914, EN 14399-4, BS 3698, ANSI B 18.2.1, ASME B 18.2.1 etc. or as per customer requirement.
We have all in-house all testing facility for mechanical testing ( tensile testing, impact testing, Rockwell hardness, Brinell hardness, magnetic particle inspection etc.) & metallurgical (Micro Vickers hardness, microscope for carburization & decarburization etc.) with 10 years sample storage capacity. We manufacture bolts for sewage plants, solar power plants, thermal plants, water treatment plants, ships manufacturing, wind farms, mobile towers, aerospace, automotive etc. The process of bolt starting from cutting on band saw machine, centring & chamfering of one corner, forging on up setter machine, CNC (for making shank length, shank diameter, head thickness, threading diameter, treading length etc.) heat treatment (Dowa high temp furnace), thread roiling, testing, final inspection, Packing & Dispatch."