Metallurgical testing is a process or procedure used to check composition of an unknown metallic substance. There are destructive processes and non-destructive processes.

Metallography or material testing for microstructure analysis is very important analysing the material micro structure and also to understand the decarburisation and carburisation of the screw, whether the material has been properly heat treated and adheres to the parameters of the standard can be better understood by the proper analysis of metal by way of microstructure analysis and with the help of various hardness testers.

Metallography is the study of the microstructure of all types of metallic alloys. It can be more precisely defined as the scientific discipline of observing and determining the chemical and atomic structure and spatial distribution of the grains, constituents, inclusions or phases in metallic alloys.

List of Metallurgical machines –

Brinell Hardness Tester

•   Model : BHN3000(o)
•   Make : FIE, India

Direct reading optical device provided with 14X magnification capacity of more than 2,000 Tons.

Metallurgical Microscope

•   Model : Nikon – Dewinter
•   Make : Dewinter South Korea

The microscope is equipped with ultra lens with magnification power up to 1000X. It is also equipped with features like analyser, polarizer and attached camera for measuring grain size, decarb, microstructure, inclusions, rating etc. It is attached with the computer to give image display and generate reports.

Rockwell Hardness Testers

•   Model : Saroj, India
•   Make : RAB-250, RAS and TWIN

Rockwell and Brinell Hardness Testing at A, B, C and superficial scale.

Micro vickers hardness tester with Image Analyzer

•   Model : FM - 810 (Digital with Auto Turret)
•   Make : Future tech Japan

We have the best micro vickers hardness tester in the world, the machine from Future tech Japan gives us repeated readings under =/- 0.01% error. We are able to check hardness at HV 0,3 on high tensile bolts to arrive at the hardness requirements at HV 1, HV 2 and HV 3 as per requirement of ISO 898-1.

Sample Cutting Machine

•   Model : BAINCUT - UM Auto
•   Make : Chennai Metco, India

Cutting Capacity up to 80 mm dia. To cut and section, for preparation-with least metallurgical change

Automatic Pneumatic Mounting Press

•   Model : BAINMOUNT- P Auto
•   Make : Chennai Metco, India

High speed heater, direct reading pressure gauge, timer with buzzer at end of cycle. Suitable for labs with moderate number of samples. Automation offers reduced manual intervention and improved consistency. Easy mould change 1 1/4", 1 1/2"dia and 2"dia

General Purpose Belt Grinder

•   Model : Belt Grinder - BGGP
•   Make : Chennai Metco, India

For flat Coarse grinding prior to fine grinding. The specimens to be ground in 60,80 or 120 grit after cutting or moulding operation to remove surface imperfections. Useful step to remove light metallurgical damage in the specimen surface induced during cut-off operation.

Polisher / Grinder

•   Model : BAINPOL-ETD
•   Make : Chennai Metco, India

Rigid table top corrosion proof FRP cabinet with 8" disc polisher with flexible water jet with control valve for fine mirror polishing of sample.