The important step of making Bolts & Studs is Centering/Chamfering, Because we have to Centering/Chamfering on bolt & Stud for TR or CNC process. Bigboltnut we emphasise greatly on providing our customers the perfect QC process .

Please see below the details of the Centering/Chamfering machines which are available in our factory.

Machine Details Capacity Make Year of Make Diameter Size Number of Machines
Centering/Chamfering 3000 RPM Jikso 2019 M16 to M48 1

Center drills consist of a pilot drill and a countersink and are used to create holes at the center of a Bolts & Studs of stock so it can be turned on Centering/Chamfering machines.

Chamfering is making a small cut, usually at a 45 degree angle, to remove a 90 degree edge. Chamfering is used in woodworking, in glass cutting, in architecture, and in CAD, and it's also a useful tool for deburring. Chamfer is a noun as well as a verb, and is also frequently used as the name for such a cut.