DIN 934

Product grades A and B

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Specifications and reference International Standards
Material Steel Stainless Steel Non-ferrous metal
General Requirement International
ISO 8992
Thread Tolerance Class 6H
International Standard ISO 724, ISO 965-1
Mechanical properties Property classa d < M3 mm: as agreed M3 mm ≤ d ≤M39 mm: 6,8,10
d >M39 mm: as agreed
d ≤ 24 mm:
A2-70, A4-70
24 mm < d ≤ 39 mm:
A2-50, A4-50
d > 39 mm: as agreed
Materials are specified in ISO 8839.
M3 mm ≤ d ≤M39 mm: ISO 898-2
d < M3 mm and d>M39 mm: as agreed
d ≤ 39 mm: ISO 3506-2
d > 39 mm: as agreed
Tolerances Product grade D < M16 : A
D > M16 : A
International Standard ISO 4759-1
Finish - Coating As processed Plain Plain
Requirements for electroplating are specified in ISO 4042. Requirements for electroplating are specified in ISO 4042.
Requirements for non-electrolytically applied zinc flake coatings are specified in ISO 10683.
Additional requirements or other finishes or coatings shall be agreed between the supplier and the purchaser
Acceptability   Acceptance inspection is specified in ISO 3269.
a)  Other property classes are specified in ISO 898-2 for steel and ISO 3.506-2 for stainless steel, respectively.
b)  Whichever is the shorter.
Marking of Bolts

Hexagon head bolts according to this document shall be marked with ISO 898-2.
a) Property class marking in accordance with EN ISO 898-2.

Example 1 8

b) Identification mark of the RFL.
It is permissible for the marking to be either embossed or indented on the top surface of the head.

Example 2 Nut marking


Example - A hexagon Nut and property class 8 is designated Asfollows:
Hexagon Nut Gr. - 8.