XYLAN 1424

Xylan 1424 is a premium high technology fluoropolymer coating system that has been engineered to provide exceptional corrosion protection. The system was developed to meet the demand for improved protection in marine environments and provides a hard, durable uniform, low friction coating which is capable of continuous operation at temperature extremes.

Xylan 1424 is readily identifiable through its distinct blue colour. The coating system demonstrates exceptional adhesion and resists galling, blistering and chipping and will not crack or peel.


• Waterborne
• Corrosion, chemical and weather resistant
• Resists galling and blistering
• Hard, dry, chip resistant
• Freedom from hydrogen embrittlement
• Readily identifiable by its blue colour
• Ability to operate over a wide temperature range
• Less torque required for a given pre-load
• Inherent anti-seize properties
• Thin even film, no hang-ups
• Versatility – excellent adhesion too many substrates


Although Xylan 1424 system is primarily designed for stud bolts and other fasteners, potential applications are limitless.

Common applications which have proven their cost advantages include:

• Stud Bolts and nuts
• Structural nuts and bolts

Color Variety of colors
In-service temperature -50°C - +175°C / -58°F - +347°F
Cure temperature range 190°C - 210°C / 370°F - 410°F
Property Standard Results
Dry-film thickness ASTM D7091-20 15 – 25 μm
Dynamic coefficient of friction ASTM G99-17 Static 0.124 / Dynamic 0.047
Corrosion resistance¹ ASTM B117-18 / ASTM D610-08 ≤5,000 hours / ≤Rust Grade 10
Pencil hardness ASTM D3363-20 2H - 4H
Adhesion ASTM D3359-17 5B
Chemical resistance² ASTM 1308-20 Hydrochloric Acid (pH 2) - slight mark; MEK - slight mark