XYLAN 1070

Xylan 1070 is an Organic solvent based, low friction coating for fasteners with excellent corrosion resistance. These coatings are mainly applied on fasteners as top layer to act as a barrier coating with a base coat of electro zinc/phosphate or with other primer treatment to achieve good adhesion.

These can used for an operating temperature of -195ºC to 260ºC continuously and -195ºC to 285ºC intermittently. Available in variant colours.

Xylan 1070 coatings are applied by conventional air spray techniques. Any spray gun apparatus associated with the application of fluoropolymer coatings will provide a uniform film without difficulty.


• Low friction: as low as 0.02
• Wear resistance: even under extreme pressures.
• Corrosion and Chemical Resistance in most environments.
• Weather resistance, acid rain, saltwater, road salts and chemicals, many hostile environments.
• Wide color range: color-code your product.
• Pliability: Xylan coatings will bend freely and repeatedly without breaking.
• Machinability: apply multiple coats of Xylan coating (most formulations) and mill to specification.
• Excellent adhesion: to most metals, plastics, ceramics, wood, even to itself (most formulations).
• Xylan coatings are a result of the combination of lubricants with the least COF and high temperature-resistant organic polymers.       These ingredients blend together to form plastic alloys that exhibit unique properties.

Theoretical solids 25.54 =-42.276 % by weight 17.31 - 23.47 % by volume
Relative density : (23°C) >= 1.06 g / cm3 <= 1.36 g / cm3
Theoretical coverage @ 25 microns 6.3 - 7.9 m2 / kg 6.9 - 9.4 m2 / litre(s) :
Viscosity, as shipped (23°C) 40 - 50 seconds in a BS 4 Viscosity cup 27 - 30 seconds in a DIN 4 Viscosity cup
Flash point >28 °C
Operating temperature -195°C to +260°C - Continuous. -195°C to +285°C - Intermittent.
Dielectric Strength 1.5 - 2.0 Kv/25µ
Color Variety of colors
In-service temperature -195°C - +260°C / -319°F - +500°F
Cure temperature range 220°C - 345°C / 401°F - 653°F
Gloss (ASTM D523) ≤10 %
Property Standard Results
Dry-film thickness ASTM D7091-20 15 – 25 μm
Dynamic coefficient of friction ASTM G99-17 Static 0.124 / Dynamic 0.047
Corrosion resistance¹ ASTM B117-18 / ASTM D610-08 ≤5,000 hours / ≤Rust Grade 10
Pencil hardness ASTM D3363-20 2H - 4H
Adhesion ASTM D3359-17 5B
Chemical resistance² ASTM 1308-20 Hydrochloric Acid (pH 2) - slight mark; MEK - slight mark