Windenergy, Chennai 2023

In a recent event, the Wind Energy 2023 Exhibition, held at the Chennai Trade Center in Chennai was successfully attended and exhibited by our team and accomplished meeting current customers and new potential customers. It was appreciated and received an excellent response from the wind energy industry. It was held from October 4 to 6, 2023. Those three days were very busy and exciting for all exhibitors, visitors, partners, and delegates who were part of that international trade fair. And we, Big Bolt Nut, feel very pleased to tell you that we were also an important element of that Wind Energy 2023 Exhibition.

It was a grand event for the wind energy industry because this event was open to people from the wind energy industry, like manufacturers, technicians, engineers, operators, analysts, scientists, dealers, suppliers, installers, investors, policymakers, regulatory authorities, solutions and service providers from the wind power sector.

This international trade fair has been applauded by exhibitors and visitors. In this 3-day event, there were many programs held by the organizers every day, like conferences, live demonstrations, B2B meetings, B2G meetings, etc.

All those programs were commendable and enlightening for us. We Big Bolt Nut had attended each program day to day and got astonishing experience of the international event in Chennai. This recent exhibition was a tremendous conference of like minded people serving the needs of wind energy, and we were thankful to the organisers of the event who held this well-planned exhibition.