AWEA (Anaheim USA) - 2018

AWEA (Anaheim USA) was a splendid trade fair show for the renewable energy industry. Here, industrialists had showcased their products/services for wind energy. It was held in Anaheim USA in the year 2018. It was organized by AWEA (American Wind Energy Association) which has been working in the wind energy industry for the last two decades. They represent wind power project developers, service providers, parts manufacturers, equipment suppliers, and others.

We, Big Bolt Nut, participated in this trade fair exhibition at Anaheim USA. Here, we had displayed our fastener and fixing products for the wind energy industry. This international trade fair exhibition was conducted to make all industry professionals at one place.

Generally, entrepreneurs are eagerly waiting for such kinds of trade fair shows especially to gather more information and know some new tact regarding the industry. And when this wait ends and converts into the reality that is a precious moment for industrialists, manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, engineers, and other professionals of the industry.

Many times, industry professionals faced some challenges while they perform business operations, processes, implementations. This situation is very common and occurred in every entrepreneur’s work life, but when they sit together under the one roof of trade fairs, they discuss all these situations with each other and try to resolve their issues. We had felt such an experience while we registered our existence in this trade fair. This kind of trade fair is a great way to stay connected with the industry people and also learn new ways to perform business activities.