Wind Energy is a Better Renewable Energy Resource
18 Aug 2015

There are many methods by which electrical energy is generated but wind energy is a better alternative for all other resources to generate electrical energy. Wind energy is renewable as there is no shortage of wind on earth. The wind energy is generated from the wind by converting the mechanical energy of wind into the mechanical energy of turbines and thus to electrical energy by the generators in the turbines.


The Uses of Wind Energy

The main use of wind energy is to have cheaper and renewable energy resource and to lessen the pressure on other resources of energy. Electric energy is generated by the help of wind energy. The wind energy is generated in wind farms.


How the turbines work and are made

Many turbines are fitted in the big lands, which are called wind farms. Turbines are also fitted in the off shore, which means that the wind farms are also constructed in big water bodies to generate electricity. In the wind farm, the individual turbines are connected to each other and the electrical energy is collected and transmitted through wires. In the making of turbines many metal work is required. In this metal work heavy bolts are required to support the huge structure of turbines and blades, these bolts can be called as bolts for wind energy. The bolts for wind energy are the most important item to make the turbine work, as these “bolts for wind energy” hold the huge blades of the turbine when they rotate with high rotatory speed. These bolts are also used in holding the shaft which will rotate with the same speed of blades. This rotatory energy is then converted to electrical energy by the generator in the turbine.


The future of wind energy

Wind energy will be more in use in the near future as the requirement of energy is increasing diurnal. So to fulfill this requirement more and better resources are required. Offshore wind energy is the best alternative to fulfill the requirement as the amount of energy generated from these is good enough and there is more aspect of increment in the number of offshore wind farms.