Vital Role of Stud Bolts in Wind Energy industry
01 Aug 2017

Stud bolts are generally used in the Wind Energy industry. They have varied uses, however, they are generally used for connecting the flanges. A stud bolt is a threaded rod which has two heavy hexagon nuts on its two ends. They are of various types, double ended stud bolts being one of its kinds. In a double ended stud bolt, equal length of threads is present on either side. They are mainly used for flange bolting and other such processes which require torching from both the ends. These are also used in Nacelle and hub assembly.

Big Bolt Nut is mainly a stud bolt manufacturing company which deals in the manufacture of various types of stud bolts. They are all made up of alloy steel hence quality and strength are guaranteed. They are designed in such a way that they can sustain harsh weathers and abnormal temperatures.  They also provide for the equipment which requires special bolting and tightening procedures.  We have expertise in manufacturing the ideal size of stud nuts which have the perfect length so that they properly fit in the flanges and make a secure and tight connection. We use best material to manufacture them keeping in mind the pressure it will need to hold. These nuts are basically developed to withstand intended high-temperature or high-pressure service and sometimes both. Our company is certified and has been manufacturing the Stud bolts for quite a long time now. We are immensely trusted and are a big name in the global market. Hence the quality of the various types of stud bolts is highly assured by us.