The Right Quality Bolts and Nuts
25 May 2021
Manufacturing the right bolt & nut requires the right machinery and right technology, Without the right technology and right machines you cannot manufacture the right products, we at Kapil Enterprises manufacture critical bolts & nuts using the most advanced and sophisticated machines. Our company does only hot forging in bigger diameters in Alloy and stainless steel. Popular grades such as 8.8, 10.9, B7 and B8M are manufactured in our factory using the most advanced machines from Italy, USA and Spain.
We manufacture bigger diameter bolts from M-24 to M-72 diameter and upto 1.2 meters in length. We do 100% machining on advanced CNC machines and then heat treatment in world class SQF machines from DOWA Japan. We do 100% thread rolling on advanced thread rolling machines from ITALY.
Product Safety in Bolts and nuts is of paramount importance to us, We ensure that right from selection of raw material to final manufacturing we use the best technology and methods to ensure best products are manufactured every time. Our bolts are used in most critical applications world wide, be it in wind mills, solar plants, railways or heavy engineering, the chances are that you will find our brand and name everywhere.
Every part of a project, from the top to the sub-levels, performs an essential job and without quality bolts and nuts, it will eventually fail. A constructed bridge has to hold up to the constant weight and traffic of automobiles and a sewage treatment plant has to control gallons of water and waste. The right types of materials for each job ensure that they can do what you expect them to, but the right fastener design guarantees predictable performance. High quality fasteners made with the right steel to hold up to the environmental conditions and pressure ensure that every construction project performs safely and properly.
We take pride in letting you know that our dedicated team of trained people work tirelessly 24/7 to ensure the best performance delivered more than the customers requirement.