The Importance of Bolts
18 Aug 2015

With changing time new products and technology are being introduced for the betterment of human society. One such product that is used worldwide and has been one of the most useful of product in that played a major role in industrial revolution is ‘Bolt’. It is among the very few tools which are used till date in mostly the same form as they used to be before and there isn’t a place and field where they aren’t used, be it home, machines, cars and many more they are used everywhere in ample amount.

Why did it change?

While new inventions are rolling in market, the old products are being altered to make them more effective and workable in today’s challenging environment. From smallest things to the largest updated version of the products are swooping the market and this not because they are new but because they are more productive, generally low in cost and more efficient than their old counter parts.

How are they better –

The High strength friction grip bolts are superior to their counterparts as they posses better fatigue withstanding capacity and because of greater tensile strength they in high flexible exposure place. Moreover as they have better design than the normal bolts they have better strength bearing capabilities and are less likely to loose and fall. They also have greater load bearing capacity so they are more likely to be used than normal bolts.

Places they are used –

The high Tensile bolts are used in making of large buildings and structure. Moreover they are used in steel projects and machinery requiring large flexible ability. Since they don’t loosen up easily most rotating piece machinery makes their uses.

Shape and design -

Iron and steel is primarily used in making high strength friction grip bolts they also have grooves over their surface which is the reason for friction on their surface. More over they are accompanied by nuts which closes the tip of the bolt and protects from losing up. These bolts are a truly one of the most useful things and a grand piece of mastery of engineering.