Stainless Steel Fasteners
09 Aug 2014

Stainless takes its name from an inventions many decades ago when higher percentage of Chromium was mixes with iron which resulted in an unique steel which was stain resistant, hence it took the name stainless steel. Many other elements were added to this compound later on which made it modern day stainless steel.


Bigboltnut as the name suggests is manufacturing stainless steel bolts or SS bolts as they are popularly known. Our manufacturing facility is located in Kundli in Haryana which is at the outskirts of Delhi. We are manufacturing bigger sized fasteners from M-20 diameter t0 M-64 diameter and up to 1000 mm in length.


Our main strength is in hot forging and we are manufacturing fasteners for the oil & gas industry, ship building industry, automobile industry, heavy engineering and water industry. Our production capacity per month is in excess of 200 tons and we are manufacturing all popular stainless steel bolts grades such as  A4-70A4-80B8B8M Class 1 and class 2SS316S31A4-70L and A4-80L as per ISO 3506-1 which are commonly manufactured and sold by us.


Our range of stainless steel fasteners includes, hex bolts, hex nuts, washers, screws, sockets, foundation bolts, anchor bolts and J type bolts. We are also manufacturing them in annealed condition and have solution carbide treatment for these fasteners in house.


Recently we have added a lot of CNC machinery in our factory to improve our quality and productivity as well, we have been able to improve our production and quality and bring about consistency in quality which is much needed in today’s manufacturing set ups. Needless to say that Bigboltnut is poised 100% to achieve their target which is to be the most dynamic fasteners manufacturing company in India for stainless steel fasteners.


SS fasteners are also available in many different shapes, like the head for can be either hex, square or rectangular, this is also as per the requirements of the customer which we can adapt in our manufacturing set up with the help of a drawing which is generally provided by the customer.


Our range of fasteners are bright polished and cleaned and are tested on modern state of the art testing machines for chemical, physical and mechanical properties before they are send to the customers.