Stainless Steel Bolts Manufacturers in India
15 Nov 2014

Stainless steel bolts act as a backbone in any metal construction. It is of utmost importance that you choose such accessories from a reputed manufacturer. The rusting of nuts and bolts can cause many serious consequences. Owing to our unmatched experience in making machine tools and screws over the years, we know how to deliver the best for our customers. Let alone does any other company make use of 99% pure steel in bolts, but we do.


We are very concerned and diligent about the needs of our customers and all the products that leave from our factory are very thoroughly checked for any fouls. Implementing latest technology in our factories assures the best quality products.


We totally comply with the ISO and DIN standards and also offer replacement in case of any defects. Other stainless steel bolts manufacturers in India may not be very keen on collecting customer feedbacks but we do. From bridges to locomotives, our products are used extensively and preferred. The high tensile strength and perfection of our stainless steel bolts made us a demanding brand over a decade.


Like other Stainless steel bolts manufacturers in India, we are also exporting our products. Feel free to check our website to know some of the products that we manufacture. All the accessories that are made in our factory are 100% rust free. So you can save a lot on painting and anti-rusting measures. Extreme climatic conditions also don’t damage the steel bolts.


Even though there are so many brands of stainless steel bolts are there, very few offers replacement in case of damage. We know how important it is to retain our esteemed customers. We totally abide by the rule ‘Customer is King’. You may also order online from the website. You can also order via phone.