Stainless Steel Bolts Manufacturers
08 Aug 2014

Stainless steel raw material consists of mainly Chromium, Nickel, molybdenum ( depending upon the grade ) and very low percentage of carbon and then iron ( Fe ). Stainless steel bolts manufacturers are spread all over the world, We export our range of products to over 50 countries including USA, Europe, Middle east and africa. Our agencies sales team is present in Oman, Qatar, Saudi arabia, Dubai, Abu dabhi, Nigeria, Switzerland, France, Holland, Belgium and in India. You can also contact us if you need any information on our agency in the above countries . Our products are also used in the below industries all over the world. Bigboltnut is a specialist manufacturer of bigger diameter stainless steel bolts and nuts & washers. We have all the required machinery in our factory to manufacture these big diameter bolts & nuts for the international market.


Bigboltnut has been manufacturing SS bolts & nuts for the past 27 years now, making us one of the biggest and the most advanced manufacturing set ups for stainless steel bolts & nuts in Asia. Our monthly production is in excess of over 200 tons, in which we manufacture all popular grades like SS 304, SS 304L, SS316, SS316L and 316S31 grade.


We have in our factory state of the art CNC machines and the most modern machinery available for manufacturing these specialised bolts and nuts for the industry.


Stainless steel bolts in bigger sizes are manufactured by hot forging method and smaller sizes by cold forging or cold forming on automatic machines. These automatic  machines are capable of manufacturing only smaller diameter bolts and nuts and for manufacturing bigger diameter bolts & nuts, we need bigger hot forming presses on which these bolts and nuts are made.


Bigboltnut is perhaps one of the very few manufacturers in the world today who are manufacturing stainless steel bolts for bigger diameter. We are also proud to say that we are the biggest and the best manufacturer in Asia for these bolts & nuts.