SS Fastener Manufacturers: Big Bolt Nut India
19 Nov 2015

Stainless steel fasteners are widely used in every mechanical industries and production companies. Fasteners are very little but important part of our day to day life and machinery. Without these as we can see everything falls apart as we use fasteners everywhere from home to a big industry. In assembling any machine or device, fasteners play an important role.

Fasteners can be of any material like iron but we prefer to use stainless steel fasteners. Stainless steel is corrosion free, safe and bright looking and also has more durability than Iron or similar materials. Stainless Steel Machinery products are bright and clean as compared to other materials so these are easy to assemble and manage.

We, at Big bolt Nut India are the leading manufacturers of Stainless Steel fasteners in India since more than two decades. We are the manufacturer of SS fasteners for many applications in various industries in the field of automation, chemical, instrumentation, electronic, mechanical, construction, telecom, railway and many other industries. Our variety and quality of services is our biggest asset for business. We believe in customer satisfaction and we are bound to work on the principles of customer satisfaction. Over years Big Bolt Nut has managed to emerge as the best SS Fastener manufacturer in the industry of production.

Why SS Fasteners by Big Bolt Nut are best of its kind:

  • Variety of Products: We manufacture a wide range of fasteners in A2, A4, SS 304 and S 316. All kind of fasteners are available in above categories.

  • Prices: We keep a close check on the prices in the production from raw material to the final product manufacturing. So our product costs are relatively low in industries.

  • Quality Control: We believe in total quality control. We check our products on various levels of production for their quality. So our products are of good quality.

  • Growth of Industry: Our growth is our symbol of quality. Since last few years Big Bolt Nut has gained exponential growth in the production of fasteners that speaks a lot about our good services.

For any industry or company, if you want Stainless Steel bolts then Big Bolt Nut is the right option to get good quality work at good prices.