Sealed Quench Furnace
03 Jun 2021

Bigboltnut has always kept in mind that a quality driven product is by far the most sustainable product in the market.

Furnace by DOWA, Japan

In 2019 Bigboltnut inaugurated one of the best furnace in the world that is made by DOWA, a japan based company. The furnace was imported from japan to here in India to our unit in barhi industrial area





In house capacity of 5 MT per day sealed quench heat treatment from DOWA Hi-Temp Japan, with 100% repeatability and accuracy of results charge wise, we control this furnace with SCADA with remote access and monitoring, records remain for 10 years. With a complete metallurgical laboratory working in background as a support system for the heat treatment. We offer more than 170 tons a month in production with heat treatment in sealed quench furnaces.

Batch Type Integral Sealed Quench Furnaces provide the benefit of uniform heating from the sides through Radiant tube heaters located on either side. Integral Sealed Quench Furnaces from HIGHTEMP incorporate a cast integral fan to ensure uniformity of temperature. For the furnace atmosphere, these furnaces provide the option of using Endothermic gas, Nitrogen-Methanol or Fine Carburising Process.


Why Choose This

After studying and understanding other machines we realised that this machinery has various features like:

  1. Straight through design
  2. No moving parts in heating chambers
  3. Fully automated sequentially controlled with PLC
  4. Touch screen graphic operator panel with alarm annunciation
  5. Multi point temperature recorder
  6. Silicon carbide skids or heat resistant steel T-rails
  7. All alarms and annunciation with inter-locks for operational safety

Keeping in mind about all the specs and features we believe our heat treatment doesn’t only deliver great results but accurate and quality measured too.