Making the Perfect Bolt
15 Jun 2021

The bolt you see is not just a bolt to us but a (something) which takes various steps and procedures to make.

First step is finding the perfect raw material size required to cut down to make your bolt/ nut. Our M.D is the man in charge to arrange the raw material.

The next step is to forge the bolt to make its head or to forge the nut to make it hexagonal. Mr Santosh Barik is the head manager to look after this section.

After that the nut/bolt is sent to our sealed quenched furnace where it is heated at 1000* and washed and oiled to remove other particles from it. Mr. Randhir is the man in charge in the furnace section.

From there they are taken to the CNC section where the complete machining is done. Mr. Shishu pal is the CNC manager who does his job with full passion.

From there it goes to the next step, which is thread rolling, we take pride in letting you know that we are one of the few companies in the world which do thread rolling after heat treatment. Doing thread rolling after heat treatment gives the thread a better fatigue life and 25% extra torque to withstand extra load.

From here they are sent to the coating section where they are coated as per the customer’s needs.

During all the above, we follow stringent quality checks throughout the process which is also monitored on SAP. After all this is done and after that the packing and allocating is done. Mr. Ganesh is the quality in charge and makes sure you get the best quality.

Last step is to get it to the customer overseas, for that all the documents like bill of lading, invoice, etc are created and managed by Mr. Satender Dahiya who is the COO of the company.