Making Indoor and Outdoor Furniture with Stainless Steel Fasteners
21 Feb 2015

Many people prefer developing metallic furniture for both outdoor and indoor purposes. If you like metallic furniture for your home indoor or outdoor, you must possess good knowledge over fasteners. Buying high quality fasteners will ensure that your furniture remain steady as well as rock solid, even in moist or overheated weather conditions.

When it comes to buying fasteners, you will surely come across different types of them. Some of them are made of plain steel, while some of them are bright galvanized and also you will find some of them are made of brass materials. Based on the materials, different types of nuts and bolts are priced in a different manner. While plain steel fasteners are cheap, stainless steel fasteners can be found a little costly. So, what the reason behind the high price of stainless steel fasteners? Well, the main reason is nothing but longevity. Stainless steel does not acquire rusts and thus protected from damages.

An Introduction to Stainless Steel Fasteners

Stainless steel fasteners are made of stainless steel mainly, though a small portion of chromium has also been incorporated. From 10% to 18% chromium can be found in the stainless steel nuts and bolts. Due to the presence of chromium, fasteners become more rock and solid. They do not only endorse rust resistance property, but also exhibit lush metallic texture due to the presence of chromium.

Advantages of Using Stainless Fasteners

For indoor or outdoor furniture manufacturing, versatile uses of stainless steel nuts and bolts can be observed. There are basically two reasons behind this. The first reason is high strength of stainless steel fasteners. Since stainless steel is rust protected, it lasts longer and keeps the whole structure stable for a long time. The overall longevity of the metallic furniture has been significantly increased due to the meticulous uses of SS fasteners.

The second advantage of choosing SS nuts and bolts is that they stay unharmed even in high heat conditions. While other metals tend to change their shape and size due to heat, stainless steel can remain intact even in outdoor heated conditions. Due to this property of stainless steel, SS fasteners are even used in major constructional projects.