High Tensile Fasteners
05 Jul 2017

The energy generated from a renewable source like sunlight, wind, tides, rain etc. is called renewable energy. This energy is used for electricity generation, transportation, in solar cookers for cooking and others. Renewable resources are replenished and environmental friendly unlike non-renewable resources which spread pollution and will eventually die. Non-renewable resources are coal, oil and natural gas.


High Tensile Fasteners are made from alloy steel and are specially designed to bear high pressure and tension. Almost every manufacturing unit requires high tensile fasteners to work efficiently including machines that work on wind energy to generate electricity. The quality of these fasteners matters most if you want efficacy in your industrial build up. These are small but find wide range of applications in industry.

Big bolt nut manufactures high tensile strength fasteners for renewable energy infrastructure division in India and abroad. It is an ISO 9001 certified company manufacturing and supplying bolts to over 50 countries. The high quality products are available at affordable price with quick delivery. The high tensile fasteners are manufactured in different high tensile grades of 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9 in India. These are manufactured according to the international standards EN ISO 898-1, EN ISO 4032, EN ISO 4014, EN ISO 4017 and EN ISO 14399-4. The sizes are available in standard threaded condition and full threaded condition. The manufacturing unit is highly efficient in forging, machining and heat treatment to produce standard products.


The material used to make these fasteners is alloy steel. The high tensile fasteners made from alloy steel are Zinc plated, Teflon coated, PTFE plated, Zinc Aluminium flake or geomet plated. These fasteners are heat resistant, corrosion resistant and high strength clasps.


PTFE coating

The fasteners are coated with PTFE to reduce friction during use. These types of fasteners find use in shipping industries, oil and gas industry, pharmaceutical and nuclear industries due to its anti-corrosive quality.


Zinc Aluminum Flake coating

This coating on the fasteners provides high heat resistance, superb corrosion and chemical resistance. These fasteners find use in many industries demanding for excellent quality fastenings.

Geomet coatings

Geomet is a zinc and aluminum flake coating that is highly anti-corrosive, cost-effective and chromium free. This coating provides mechanical damage resistance, self-repairing, solvent resistance and is free from any toxic metals like chromium, lead, barium, mercury, nickel and cadmium.


HDG coating

Hot dip galvanizing is a process of coating iron and steel with zinc at a temperature of about 449 degree Celsius. It provides long term and maintenance free protection to the fasteners from soil, water and atmosphere. This coating makes a metallurgical bond with the steel lying underneath and protects it from the corrosive environment.

Big Bolt Nut is determined to produce high quality products in a wide range to suit various needs of the customers. High Tensile Fasteners are available in variable diameters and lengths ranging from 20mm to 500mm. Different dimensions and material grades are appropriate for variable purposes. The export quality guarantees long term use of these fasteners ensuring extended life to the industrial machines.