High Grade Stud Bolts for Industries
17 Nov 2017

Bigboltnut provide high quality blade stud bolts required in wind energy industries for blade and hub assembly. A stud bolt is a double ended stud which is manufactured as per customer requirement.

Hex bolts are also used in flange connections but in this article we will discuss the various features of stud bolts.


The length of a stud bolt is the total lenth from top to bottom and also from the first thread where first thread is the intersection of the major diameter of the thread with the base of the point. The length is measured in inches or millimeters.


The material used in the double ended stud bolt is defined in terms of ASTM, ASME, DIN, ISO, JIS or any other international standard which indicates the grade. We provide all the common grades of stud bolts required as per application.

Bigboltnut also manufacture ASTM A193 alloy and Stainless Steel Stud Bolts used for flanges and valves of high temperature or high pressure systems and other special application systems.

The ASTM A194 includes alloy, carbon and stainless steel nuts which are used for high temperature or high pressure systems or both.


We also have Stainless Steel double ended stud bolts. Such types of bolts have threads of equal or unequal length on both the ends for attaching nuts. Length of the stud is measured by the overall length of the threads. Double ended stud bolts are used in flanges when torching is required from both the ends.

Tap end studs manufactured by us have a short thread length on the tap side along with a tapped hole. This side is threaded for Class UN-3A fit. The nut end side is threaded for Class UN-2A fit.