Unlocking the Strength of India’s Fasteners: Dive into Bigboltnut’s Legacy
31 Aug 2023

The Indian fastening industry has evolved into a colossal enterprise, resonating with innovations and quality benchmarks that cater to the ever-growing demands of a rapidly industrialising nation. From robust infrastructural projects to the intricate mechanisms within the energy sector, the need for durable and reliable fasteners has never been more critical. Amid this vast landscape, Bigboltnut emerges not just as a mere participant but as a formidable leader. This luminary in the world of fastener manufacturers has not only redefined standards but has also been instrumental in sculpting the future of the industry. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Bigboltnut, as a preeminent nut and bolt manufacturer, serves as a beacon, illuminating the path of quality, precision, and resilience in the realm of high tensile fasteners.


Understanding High Tensile Bolts and our Grades


High tensile bolts are the unsung heroes in the world of construction, engineering, and manufacturing. Designed to withstand significant strain and tension without breaking, these bolts are integral for projects requiring maximum strength and reliability. Different grades indicate our strength, durability, and specific applications. Let's dive into understanding some of these grades:


 Grade :8.8


Tensile strength: This is typically what people mean when they talk about the structural grade of bolts.

Composition: This item is made of steel with a mild carbon content.

Applications: Used extensively in a variety of building and construction environments.



Tensile strength: Tensile strength of greater than 8.8, makes it approximately 25% more durable.

Composition: Alloy steel that is frequently quenched and tempered to improve its strength.

Applications: Used in applications where strength is the key issue, such as in the automotive and industrial industries.



Tensile strength: This metric class is among the best possible for tensile strength.

Composition: The material is a combination of carbon steel and alloy steel.

Applications: High-speed applications, gearboxes, and engine parts are some of the applications for this material.



Tensile strength: Tensile strength that is both robust and suitable for use in applications involving high temperatures.

Composition: The material used is a chromium-molybdenum steel.

Applications: Flanges, fittings, and valves in the pharmaceutical industry are common places to find this material in use.



Tensile strength: The tensile strength is comparable to that of B7, but it has undergone a specific heat treatment that has enhanced its ductility.

Composition: Made of chromium-molybdenum steel that has been subjected to a special heat treatment.

Applications: circumstances that call for great strength in addition to exceptional ductility, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry.



Tensile strength: The material has a high tensile strength as well as a decent yield.

Composition: Made of steel with chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium in its composition.

Applications: suitable for high-temperature services in a variety of components like boilers, turbines, and others.


Knowing the right grade is essential as it ensures safety, longevity, and optimum performance in various applications.


Bigboltnut: Revolutionising the Fasteners Industry in India


In the intricate world of high tensile fasteners, Bigboltnut is not just another manufacturer; we're a game-changer. We have been at the forefront, especially in delivering critical fasteners for India's wind energy sector. Our meticulous process, from precision forging to machining on high-tech CNC machines, reflects our commitment to unparalleled quality. A hallmark of our manufacturing prowess is the SQF sealed quench heat treatment furnace and the post-heat thread rolling process, which enhance the torque and longevity of our bolts.


But it's not just about the core manufacturing; it's also about the finish. Whether it’s the specialised hot dip galvanising to combat hydrogen embrittlement or the resilience of the Xylan coating, Bigboltnut ensures each product stands testament to our quality standards.


Amidst the giants in the fastener realm, Bigboltnut emerges as India’s premier manufacturer of large-diameter, high-tensile bolts. Our dedication to quality, innovation, and precision has elevated them as industry trailblazers. With an expansive production capability spanning various sectors from energy to engineering, our impact on India's infrastructural growth is profound. As the fastener industry evolves, Bigboltnut is destined to spearhead this evolution, continuing our legacy of excellence and innovation.