Excellent Quality of Stainless Steel Fasteners
18 Feb 2015

Why an effective Fastener?

How many times have you tried fastening a nut and a bolt and then it just breaks or the top falls apart? Most of the nuts and bolts we use either wither away with rust, or they get stuck in their own components and we end up breaking them by applying too much pressure. We go around blaming the manufacturer but the fact remains, they at the time of manufacturer this issue cannot be identified. They all seem to be just perfect. This defect where in the thread of the bolt overlaps and eats the thread of the nuts and get stuck is calling “Thread Galling”. Primarily a result of friction this is one defect which eats onto a lot of the nuts and bolts. One of the common criterion for testing the efficacy of the stainless steel fasteners is its size and usage.


The size of the steel fasteners needs to bigger that the sheets or surfaces it should bind together. If the size is not appropriate then, it would not be able to hold on tight enough to bind them together and not create the effects needed. You cannot really take the risk of having you airplane wings opening in a mid-air flight just because the nut and the bolt could not withstand the high air pressure? This is the reason why the fasteners which are made from precipitated steel are majorly used for outdoor equipment, in medical devices and machines and anywhere where a possibility of corrosion exists.


Types of fasteners:

Fasteners are made out of many materials. Major Raw materials used are Titanium, steel and plastic. Then they are coated with anti-rust coating to make it long lasting. The material is very important considering the ultimate use of the fastener. Take for instance,

The stainless steel fasteners are used extensively in the market and they are highly resistant to corrosion for their price .The properties which are inherent to this material, suffice the fact that, there cannot be any loosening or scratching of the grooves of the nut and the bolt .The advantage of stainless steel fasteners is that they are less magnetic that the others.


Steel is also a very common fastener material. Though it is used for the same purpose too , it still retains its magnetic qualities when it is hardened also. This makes it a lesser preferred choice as compared with the other materials which are being used.


We need fasteners where ever there is a joint. The edges, the covers, the sheets, the plates, the layers all need to be bound together. And we cannot use glue and other adhesives. The Steel fasteners are the best option as they are completely resistant to the external conditions.