Impart The Flexible Nature To Your Machine With Delving In Fastener

No doubt, machine plays an important role in one’s life whether it belongs to daily used appliance or occasionally used accessory. But, two ridges of the machines are spanned through fastener. It is not a used for the permanent joints. It is the short terms we can it is one of the universal component of the machine and without it the hypothesis of the machine will not be easily assumed. This key component lies in various categories and upon the requirement the user can consider specific kind of this joining material. For a general person , it is a bit difficult to understand that where this part is used. The presence of this fastener should be properly visualized in the chair, tables and a few luxurious assets in which we travel. With this one can make the flexibility to make the mobility attributes to house hold commodities or some business oriented assets.

As we have described about the non-permanent joint, a general person cannot understand what the requirement for this is. On getting these joints, the owner of the commodity has the privilege that they should keep in the different pieces with obstructing its physical qualities. These parts have been controlled through the specific bolt and joint. This shape and size of this joint will be making variation as per the shape and size of daily used commodity. The need of this machine component will be essential when the person should need to keep the object in the compatible format. But, it should be portable in the nature so that shifting should not great assignment.

These machine parts are composed from various core materials, but it is the responsibility of the user to determine that material is able to cater their requirement in the perfect way. Those products suit to be whose tensile strength should be quite good. For this objective, Stainless Steel Fasteners sound to be perfect to supply the evergreen requirement of the user. For the intake of this mechanical oriented function, the user must know the perfect knowledge the destination is good. Do not search more and break your burning discovery on big bolt nut in the outskirt of India. 

SS Fastener Manufacturers: Big Bolt Nut India

Stainless steel fasteners are widely used in every mechanical industries and production companies. Fasteners are very little but important part of our day to day life and machinery. Without these as we can see everything falls apart as we use fasteners everywhere from home to a big industry. In assembling any machine or device, fasteners play an important role.

Fasteners can be of any material like iron but we prefer to use stainless steel fasteners. Stainless steel is corrosion free, safe and bright looking and also has more durability than Iron or similar materials. Stainless Steel Machinery products are bright and clean as compared to other materials so these are easy to assemble and manage.

We, at Big bolt Nut India are the leading manufacturers of Stainless Steel fasteners in India since more than two decades. We are the manufacturer of SS fasteners for many applications in various industries in the field of automation, chemical, instrumentation, electronic, mechanical, construction, telecom, railway and many other industries. Our variety and quality of services is our biggest asset for business. We believe in customer satisfaction and we are bound to work on the principles of customer satisfaction. Over years Big Bolt Nut has managed to emerge as the best SS Fastener manufacturer in the industry of production.

Why SS Fasteners by Big Bolt Nut are best of its kind:

  • Variety of Products: We manufacture a wide range of fasteners in A2, A4, SS 304 and S 316. All kind of fasteners are available in above categories.
  • Prices: We keep a close check on the prices in the production from raw material to the final product manufacturing. So our product costs are relatively low in industries.
  • Quality Control: We believe in total quality control. We check our products on various levels of production for their quality. So our products are of good quality.
  • Growth of Industry: Our growth is our symbol of quality. Since last few years Big Bolt Nut has gained exponential growth in the production of fasteners that speaks a lot about our good services.

For any industry or company, if you want SS fasteners then Big Bolt Nut is the right option to get good quality work at good prices.

Suppliers of the HDG Bolts Are Here Now

Bolts are the basic hardware items that are used in every manufacturing industry across the globe. They belong to the family of fasteners. From making a furniture to constructing a building, every industrial application needs to use these important tools to put their end-product in order. Bolts play role in daily life of the people.

They make everything connected and moving. Like earlier days, there is no more issues of irregular sizes and shapes of bolts. Nowadays, companies make the bolts of same dimensions with a variety. And the quality of material is also not issue when buying from hdg bolt supplier. Bolts are the crucial components of these suppliers. They do not make the recipe for the disaster, so they supply durable and long lasting bolts to the customers. They also supply custom and advanced designs of bolts. They offer their most popular products with a good variety for the different works. These bolts are very strong to connect the two objects. They consider the requirements of the customers and also keep in mind the flexibility of the material.

HDG bolt suppliers also supplies the special bolts to use in special construction. As a good supplier, they help in clearing the problems regarding the bolts. They have a good reputation in supplying these bolts. They have a great experience of years of supplying the bolts. They provide bolts of the high quality. They have large stock of different bolts, so they have all the bolts which a customer can ask for. They have good customer service. They also provide some other products of bolts family like nuts, coating chemicals etc.

These suppliers have provided all the brief details on their website about each and every product so customer can choose wisely their choice of product. They are quite competitive and fastener suppliers. The bolts they supply have great importance in almost every industry. Every component of machinery or vehicle is dependent upon the fasteners that hold it together. Because of the small glitch here and there, accidents can happen, they provide bolts of high quality standards to ensure nothing goes wrong from their end.

The company ( supplies the hdg bolts which fulfills the needs of all the customers. They have great work experience in doing the supply.

Why Do People Need To Buy The HSFG Bolts?

Bolts actually work the best for doors, furniture at the home or office. Bolts are used in different applications. The popularity of the bolts is because of its reasonable price and convenience of availability, these are the factors that have played a role in making it popular.

These bolts also have some other features and advantages which make them accepted that much and these characteristics are its durability, reliability, resistance to corrosion, flexible usability and their availability in different sizes with different specifications.

Providing hsfg bolts advantages the customers is the purpose of the companies. These bolts have power to combine the nature separated objects. Every different bolt has been designed to fulfill certain specific purposes. These are very easy to clean as they highly smooth in nature. It also helps in loosening of the bolts. They are commonly used in connections which require high tensile strength. These bolts also increase the functionality of the application. Bolting of these bolts in house can be used as protection for several winds, thunderstorms, tornadoes and cyclones.

One of the hsfg bolts advantages is they strengthen the weak connections found in roof to wall. So, it helps in modifying existing structure and this can be least expensive to anyone. These bolts provide rigid joints. Large tensile stresses in bolts that provide clamping force to the elements connected. High frictional resistances is developed providing a high static strength to the joint. Because of the clamping action, load is transmitted by friction only and the bolts are not subjected to shear and bearing. The possibility of the failure of the net section is minimized. These bolts provide more fatigue strength and there is no stress in concentrations in the holes.

The tension of the bolts is uniform. As these bolts are tightened in wrenches, so there is no noise nuisance. Only few number of bolts can provide strength. Alterations can also be done easily. To make the connections, only few persons are required, so it is cost effective also. The hazard of fire is not there and there is no danger of tossing of the bolts.

The company ( has hsfg bolts which are highly benefitted for making the strong connections of two objects.

The Importance of Bolts

With changing time new products and technology are being introduced for the betterment of human society. One such product that is used worldwide and has been one of the most useful of product in that played a major role in industrial revolution is ‘Bolt’. It is among the very few tools which are used till date in mostly the same form as they used to be before and there isn’t a place and field where they aren’t used, be it home, machines, cars and many more they are used everywhere in ample amount.


Why did it change?

While new inventions are rolling in market, the old products are being altered to make them more effective and workable in today’s challenging environment. From smallest things to the largest updated version of the products are swooping the market and this not because they are new but because they are more productive, generally low in cost and more efficient than their old counter parts.

How are they better –

The High strength friction grip bolts are superior to their counterparts as they posses better fatigue withstanding capacity and because of greater tensile strength they in high flexible exposure place. Moreover as they have better design than the normal bolts they have better strength bearing capabilities and are less likely to loose and fall. They also have greater load bearing capacity so they are more likely to be used than normal bolts.

Places they are used –

The high strength friction grip bolts are used in making of large buildings and structure. Moreover they are used in steel projects and machinery requiring large flexible ability. Since they don’t loosen up easily most rotating piece machinery makes their uses.

Shape and design -

Iron and steel is primarily used in making high strength friction grip bolts they also have grooves over their surface which is the reason for friction on their surface. More over they are accompanied by nuts which closes the tip of the bolt and protects from losing up. These bolts are a truly one of the most useful things and a grand piece of mastery of engineering.


Wind Energy is a Better Renewable Energy Resource

There are many methods by which electrical energy is generated but wind energy is a better alternative for all other resources to generate electrical energy. Wind energy is renewable as there is no shortage of wind on earth. The wind energy is generated from the wind by converting the mechanical energy of wind into the mechanical energy of turbines and thus to electrical energy by the generators in the turbines.

The Uses of Wind Energy

The main use of wind energy is to have cheaper and renewable energy resource and to lessen the pressure on other resources of energy. Electric energy is generated by the help of wind energy. The wind energy is generated in wind farms.

How the turbines work and are made

Many turbines are fitted in the big lands, which are called wind farms. Turbines are also fitted in the off shore, which means that the wind farms are also constructed in big water bodies to generate electricity. In the wind farm, the individual turbines are connected to each other and the electrical energy is collected and transmitted through wires. In the making of turbines many metal work is required. In this metal work heavy bolts are required to support the huge structure of turbines and blades, these bolts can be called as bolts for wind energy. The bolts for wind energy are the most important item to make the turbine work, as these “bolts for wind energy” hold the huge blades of the turbine when they rotate with high rotatory speed. These bolts are also used in holding the shaft which will rotate with the same speed of blades. This rotatory energy is then converted to electrical energy by the generator in the turbine.

The future of wind energy

Wind energy will be more in use in the near future as the requirement of energy is increasing diurnal. So to fulfill this requirement more and better resources are required. Offshore wind energy is the best alternative to fulfill the requirement as the amount of energy generated from these is good enough and there is more aspect of increment in the number of offshore wind farms.

Why To Choose The Right Nut And Bolt Combination?

The combination of the right kind of bolt and nut combination cannot be matched with any other kinds of joining techniques. If you are able to find the right one as per the requirement, the strength of the overall system where it is being used gets improved considerably. Most of these bolts and nuts are used for the construction of machines and metallic systems and hence finding the right one is important. Nuts are available in a large number of sizes and the cost also varies from one place to another. The kind of nut that you are buying plays an integral role in the overall strength of a system.

Purchase of nuts and bolts has improved considerably in the last few years. Companies are able to make use of online sites in order to find the nut that satisfies their need. The size and design of each of the bolt is different and the nut that fits into it is also different in each case. If you are required to make use of them, make sure that you get of the appropriate size only as a slight variance could reduce the overall efficiency of the overall system

Many companies and service providers have come up that manufacture DIN 6915 nuts as well as their corresponding bolts. The quality of the nuts could vary from one manufacturer to another but you need to find one that provides good quality and that too at a reliable price. If you are required to buy these nuts in a large quantity, it is extremely important that you find the right service provider and deal through a contractual basis.

Thanks to the availability of online sites in the sales of DIN 6915 nuts, things have improved and you can easily find a reliable company in this regards. The material that is used in making of such nuts is one thing to look for so as to get the right end product. Make sure that you use them as per the need and do not buy the less quality ones. Any reduction in the quality of the nuts could reduce the overall strength of the system in which it is used.

Points To Consider When Purchasing DIN 6914 Bolts

There are plenty of factors that determine the strength and working capability of a machine. The quality of services that a machine is able to deliver, very much depends upon its strength and its ability to withstand wear and tear. Especially in construction related works, machine plays a key role and until they have the right tensile strength, the results will not be satisfactory and the machine would fail to serve the purpose. Many factors are responsible for making a machine strong. The use of the right kind of nuts for joining the various parts is one important factor.

In the last decade, machines have evolved a lot and are much more efficient and this improvisation is highly contributed to the better quality of bolts and nuts that are used within them. Joining the various parts of a machine is made easier thanks to the usage of DIN 6914 bolts. These are known for their high tensile strength and for withholding the various parts in a very firm manner. They come along with a pair of nuts which further strengthen their capability.

The DIN 6914 bolts are available in a wide range of sizes and designs. The choice in this regards should be made through the consultation from an expert only as an improper size could give unsatisfactory results. Purchase of these bolts has become a simpler job in the last few years as companies are now providing easy sales through online shopping portals.

Other Important Points

The quality of bolts could vary from one site to another and proper care is needed to be taken in order to find the right kind of bolts. Cheaper options might be available but ensure that quality is not overlooked at as it plays a key role in the overall strength of the machine in which it is used. Choose wisely and check the authenticity of the site from where you are purchasing. Make sure that you purchase the right size nut as well for these bolts as the combination is most effective. Buying them in bulk will help you to save a lot in this regards.

Stainless Steel Fasteners Manufacturers In India

Stainless steel is the best discovery of tools that has ever been made. But these days however there have been new and new things that are seeing invention. Out of them categorising steel products is one thing. Nuts, screws, bolts and others these days have been categorised as fasteners. They help you in fastening things to a specific wall.

Stainless steel fasteners

It is very important that these fasteners are very good in quality and material as they are used to fix things to their materials. SSF , the Stainless steel fastener have been the leading manufacturers of  some high integrity  and also good quality special fasteners which are  bolts and set screws along with  stud-bolts, nuts and also washers. SSF fulfil all demands of the clients, whether they are for offshore products for example buoyancy and even petrochemical products, seawater or even pump and also for valve or nuclear .SSF makes sure they give the best.

Our engineers have perfect the art of making exotic fasteners for use all around. The quality is good and nice.  SSF completely believes in following some principles and ideals as far as work is concerned.  They will always strive to follow these exclusive three prominent values at SSF which are Quality (Product & Service) with the kind of materials you are provided with, good amount of Integrity to be honest with what you get and have, and even Honesty with the kind of products you deal with.  We believe that our responsibility begins when we take up any work and ends when we commit to our client the best of output. The loyalty of our customers toward the use of our product matters to us the most.

Why Are We The Best?

Each and every employer at SSF knows that they are bound to give you something good and do something necessary. These are the good steel products which you cannot find in any other place. Stainless steel Fasteners are the best materials you get and you need in day to day life and SSF ensures you are never disappointed with our work as we give the best.

A Brief Comparison between Stainless Steel Bolts 304 and Stainless Steel Bolts 316

It is known to all that stainless steel fasteners are widely used in various major constructional projects. From manufacturing cookware to bridges – stainless steel fasteners have various uses in various spheres of manufacturing or construction. Stainless steel fasteners or nuts and bolts come in various specifications. Different specifications have different purposes to serve. Amongst various types of stainless steel fasteners, here we shall discuss about two kinds of fasteners and they are type 304 and type 316.

Type 304 Stainless Steel Fasteners

Stainless steel bolts 304 can be commonly found in the local hardware shops. This type of fastener is generally used for manufacturing furniture, cookware, etc. This kind of bolt and nut is corrosion resistant, temperature resistant and rust resistant. Type 304 consists of 20% chromium, 0.08% carbon and 10% nickel. These steel fasteners show high end corrosion protection and thus they are used for manufacturing cookware stuffs. They can also withstand with heat and do not change shape as well as size due to the effects of heating. Furthermore, type 304 steel is completely rust protective. Even staying at moist environment and being handled with water cleaning regularly, they do not acquire single bit of rust.

Type 316 Stainless Steel Fasteners

Type 316 steel fasteners are vastly different from the type 304, though type 316 is also used for manufacturing several cookware stuffs, like gas ovens, cooking pans, etc. Type 316 possesses 16 to 18 percent chromium and 11 to 14 percent nickel. Additionally, it also contains 2 percent molybdenum. Molybdenum basically helps the fasteners to become more corrosion resistant. Also, due to the increased percentage of chromium, this type of steel nuts, bolts and other fasteners remain shiny as well as lustrous for a long time. Simple method of cleaning with water and then with dry cloth will keep type 316 shiny as well as bright for long time. Due to its supreme chloride corrosion resistance characteristic and other prime advantages, type 316 is gradually replacing type 304 steel fasteners.

Type 316 is more expensive than type 304. However, in terms of effectiveness, type 316 can prove to be more cost-effective than type 304.