Nacelle Studs

Nacelle Studs are manufactured as per preheated bars for hub assembly in a wind mill or wind turbine. These are patented customer drawings and we can manufacture them on CNC machines in house.

Alloy Steel
Standard Dimension Description Size Dimensions Finish Material Grade
Double ended stud bolts as per customer drawings Stud bolts M-30 to M-64 MM and Inches Geomet, Dacromet, Xylon, Delta 10.9 , 12.9
DIN 939 Stud bolts M-30 to M-64 MM and Inches Teflon, PTFE 10.9 , 12.9
DIN 2510 Stud bolts M-16 to M-64 MM and Inches Zinc aluminum flake 10.9 , 12.9

Stud bolts used in nacelle assembly in a wind mill is very critical, we are Bigbolnut have all the desired machines to manufacture these double ended stud bolts in house. These stud bolts are machined from hardened and tempered steel and are thread rolled after heat treatment. Further coatings like either Dacromet or Geomet is done after all operations are completed.

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